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Industrial Park

Business introduction


SINO-LAC  Industrial Park



Supported by governments in China and countries in Latin America,

the Group has integrated its bilateral resources for the project of

Wing of Sino-LAC cooperation - Sino-LAC Industrial Cooperative Park

focusing on holistic cooperation between Sino-LAC for further development.

The project is aimed at holistically promoting the exchanges and cooperation in areas of economy and trade,

culture, tourism, sports and finance between Sino-LAC via an important cooperative

platform constituted by multiple China-Latin America cooperative industrial parks scattered around China and Latin America. 






Future planning


In the next five to ten years, the Group is planned to build an online and offline network covering

Sino-LAC cooperative parks by continuous extension and interconnection of the network,

thus making the project an important strategic platform for holistic exchanges and cooperation in areas of economy and trade,

culture, sports, science and technology and finance between China and Latin America along the Belt and Road.  






Prospect of the project in Latin America



 One of the core projects of the “Wing of Sino-LAC ” is located at the Sino-LAC (Sao Paulo) Economic and Trade Center 

in Sao Paulo, Brazil where is the economic center of Latin America, covering an area of 200,000 square meters.

Currently, construction of the main project, i.e. the first-stage project with a building area of 230,000 square meters has been completed,

including China-Latin America Economic Center, China-Latin America Cultural Center,

China-Latin America Internet Incubation Base and relevant supporting service facilities.

It is planed to be put into operation formally in July 2019, which will be the largest base for bilateral economic and trade cooperation

and cultural exchange between China and Latin America in Latin American areas.


At present, Sino-LAC  (Sao Paulo) Economic and Trade Center has gradually commenced

investment promotions in both China and Brazil, and has launched bilateral cooperation plans between governments and enterprises.

To date, a number of strategic cooperation intentions have been achieved with domestic cities

along the industrial belts of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hebei and Henan, industrial parks and several leading central enterprises,

to jointly arrange the market of Brazil and Latin America, including exhibition and sale center,enterprise service center,

after-sale service network, etc. Meanwhile, large scale supporting infrastructure related to Latin American investment and construction,

as well as bilateral economic and trade cooperation will be jointly constructed,

which includes large bases of storage and delivery, parks of production and process. 




Prospect of the Project in China



Given the features of China’s major populated and economic areas and various demands in

cooperation with Latin America, the Group is now making efforts to build a network with characteristics of Latin America 

which covers the whole China for holistic online and offline exchanges and cooperation

between major Chinese economic zones and countries in Latin America,

to offer an opportunity to Chinese people and enterprises for better understanding Latin America and

thus developing bilateral economic cooperation and cultural exchanges.  



In October 2016 when the tenth Sino-LAC entrepreneurial summit was held,

Sino-LAC Joint Investment Co., Ltd. affiliated to SINO-LAC Holding Group

signed a strategic cooperative agreement with two Chinese Latin-American-oriented industrial parks

located in the Sino-LAC economic and trading cooperation park in Hengqin of Zhuhai

and the Sino-LAC industrial park in Leting of Tangshan respectively.



In March 2017, a Dongguan-based project with an area of 100 mu,

composed of the Sino-LAC (Dongguan) economic and trading cooperation park

and the Sino-LAC trading mansion invested by SINO-LAC Holding Group,

formally started construction. After its completion,

the project will become a core base for the economic and

trading cooperation between Latin America, Dongguan and its surrounding areas. 



Prospect of the Project in China


The Group works to implement the project of wing of Sino-LAC cooperation by establishing

different forms of parks in Zhuhai, Changzhou, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Chengdu,

including Sino-LAC economic and trading cooperation park, Sino-LAC trading warehouse logistics base,

Latin America feature garden, Latin America town and Latin America football town.


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