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Business introduction

SINO-LAC Aviation



Headquartered in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, SINO-LAC Airlines Corporation Limited was established in May 2018.




Regional Advantages



As the political, economic and cultural center of South China,

Guangdong has been one of the main trading ports since ancient times,

at the core regional position according to the economic development strategy of the Belt and Road Initiative,

and Zhuhai is a “bridgehead” for strategic cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries.




SINO-LAC Cooperation along the Belt and Road


Sino-LAC Airlines initially launched its international routes for the Belt and Road Initiative,

and then will expand its airline network for ASEAN countries, and later will launch intercity airlines from Zhuhai in China to Lisbon,

St. Paul, Mexico and other countries speaking Portuguese and countries in Latin America.

It gives its priority to building cross-border airline enterprise clusters with the Wing of Sino-LAC Cooperation along the Belt and Road the core competitiveness, making Zhuhai the center and transport hub connecting with countries speaking Portuguese and countries in Latin America, while expanding its international air routes to Africa and Australia in response to the national development strategy. 



Strategic orientation


The China-Latin America Airlines is focusing on regional tourism air routes

(such as tourist attractions in Zhangjiajie, Guiyang and Guilin) and branch air lines rather than business ones,

to make itself the wings of the aviation industry in Zhuhai, and provide more choices for citizens there,

thus accelerating the development of the aviation industry in Zhuhai. 





Future plan


The company is expected to increase the number of airplanes to ten from five in the upcoming three years,

and transport nearly 500,000 to 800,000 passengers to Zhuhai Airport each year in this timeframe.

And this figure will increase to about 1 million each year thanks to the continuous increase in its airplanes in the future.

The company will step into the fast development in five years,

and become a regional Tourism Airlines with the number of its airplanes expected to reach to 30 in 2025. 




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