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Culture and Tourism

Business introduction


Cultural Tourism between Sino-LAC




Its SINO-LAC cultural tourism business aims to provide opportunities for people in both sides

to understand and experience different cultures through special festival activities, art communication and films and TV dramas,

in addition to the introduction of the cultural centers in China and the distinctive towns in Latin American countries,

thus building a platform for cultural exchanges of both sides. 

The company, joined by the ministries of tourism of the countries in Latin America, 

has launched an activity of Rediscovery of Civilizations, to integrate tourism resources by the establishment of SINO-LAC tourism industry alliance,

thus building its national name card and city name card.




 SINO-LAC International Education Base


Sino-LAC Language Institute & Sino-LAC Art Institute


Sino-LAC Language Institute is aimed to foster talents speaking Portuguese

and Spanish via professional language training courses for the exchanges and cooperation in multiple areas

between China and countries in Latin America, thus meeting the needs on this regard 

from the SINO-LAC projects and in Hong Kong and Macao.



Sino-LAC Art Institute has introduced many training programs on Latin dance, violin and other popular dances and music,

in addition to handicraft manufacture experience courses, to let the kids feel the Latin art different from Chinese art,

thus promoting the diversified exchanges between China and Latin America





SINO-LAC International Education Base



With the increasing number of overseas students between both sides in recent years, the base has built up a platform 

for exchanges and cooperation on overseas study by integration of the school resources from both sides, to offer overseas students

one-stop convenient services, and build an industrial talent pool by cultivating specialized versatile talents. 



China-Latin America town


Latin American Cultural Street with Characteristics of 34 countries in Latin America & Joy Plaza 


The Latin American Cultural Street has showcased popular destinations from 34 countries in Latin America

in the form of miniaturized landscape or 3D fresco, aiming to build a special street

where tourists can appreciate the Latin American culture without crossing the oceans. 


There are many famous festival activities of different countries held on the Joy Plaza every quarter,

such as carnival in Brazil, beer festival, Inti Raymi (the festival of the sun) and Easter in Chile.

This is how it attracts people around the world to revisit the site.





China-Latin America town


Sino-LAC art museum & Latin American Hotel


Many people are attracted to visit Sino-LAC art museum for Latin American performances staged on a regular basis. 


To provide different types of hotel services for tourists, the Latin American Feature Hotel is divided into a business hotel,

a hotel with Latin-American characteristics and a hotel featuring Caribbean islands,

in a bid to enable tourists to enjoy Latin-American culture while meeting their different accommodation requirements.


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